McClays USA Supply Chain Management

Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. or should we say links, because there could be a multiple chain of carriers who transport parts and materials to you, and then take your goods to your customers.

At McClays Logistics USA, we fuse all those unknowns into one strong link – us. We partner with you to ensure that the transportation parts of your supply chain are strong, robust, planned and risk-mitigated. We take on all aspects for your transportation logistics, from ensuring compliance and safety to real-time tracking for accurate delivery times.

McClays Logistics USA can take care of your entire supply chain and logistics operations, so you can concentrate on developing and marketing your business. Call us with your requirements – 586-842-3670.

Consistent supply chain services

Key to a strong supply chain is consistency.  We draw from our network of trusted carriers and our own fleet of freight trucks and drivers to ensure consistent freight services you can rely on. We monitor and assess results to deliver continuous improvements to our services. So you can be confidence in our ability to deliver on time every time, and so can your clients.

Benefits of McClays Logistics USA supply chain management

  • One friendly, focused partner to work with, not many
  • Reliable dependable service with consistent results, 24/7/365
  • Frees up valuable management and staff time for core business priorities
  • Delivers excellent service for your clients with no extra effort from you
  • State of the art real time tracking for minute-by-minute feedback
  • No investment in trucks, drivers or equipment required
  • Ability to implement growth strategies quickly
  • Cost-efficient transport with consolidated / preferential rates
  • Emergency or unusual loads not an issue

Your freight supply chain provider of choice

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One call does it all

McClays Logistics USA can ship and deliver on time, every time. Call us with your requirements – 586-842-3670.