McClays: a proud history of freight transportation in Canada and the USA

McClays Transportation Ltd. was founded in 1987 by Gary and Linda McClay in Canada. They started their company with one small pick-up truck and called themselves GAR-LIN COURIER.

They worked day and night building what has become a very well respected industry leading transportation company, now known as McClays Transportation Ltd. This part of the McClays group of businesses is now run by Gary and Linda’s two sons, Troy and Ryan McClay.

McClays Transportation USA LLC

McClays Transportation USA LLC. was founded in 2013 by Matt Schock, Ryan McClay and Troy McClay. They started their company with 2 trucks running split company shuttles, switching out in Marysville, MI (heading in and out of Canada).

While the company was growing, Matt worked full time as a Supply Chain & Purchasing Manager during the day, and McClays USA at night.  Every year the company continued to grow and early 2018, the company was ready for Matt to resign from his “day” job and to focus 100% of his time to McClays USA.

We specialize in dedicated regional trips, local rounds trips, and shuttles. In June of 2019, McClays Transportation USA LLC took over business in Plainfield, IN. We were extremely successful in the take over. We spend considerable time in Plainfield working with the customer on streamlining their routes and process. (We can do the same for you – just call us with your details 586-842-3670.)

McClays Logistics LLC

In 2019 we opened our freight brokerage, McClays Logistics USA helping to diversify and grow our core freight transportation business by utilizing current customers, new customers and utilizing (and growing) our trusted carrier base.

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