Your new contract transportation partner

  • Transportation costs spiralling upwards?
  • Constantly needing to change freight shippers to get what you need?
  • Tired of being let down by freight companies?

Partner with McClays Transportation USA and relax!

Expert contract freight transportation services

Our contract freight transportation service ensures your deliveries are made on time, on budget and on our trucks. As a McClays Partner client, we treat your business like our own, providing the most cost-efficient and expedient ways of freight transport with a hands-on, can-do attitude.

To talk through your requirements, just call us or send an email. We’re always happy to talk trucking! 586-842-3670

Tailor-made freight solutions

Our team work with you to create a freight shipping solution that’s tailor-made to your specific requirements. Here’s how:

  1. Our drivers are trained and operate to the highest safety standards, and they work to ensure the safety of your employees, the public, and their fellow road users.
  2. Our team are happy to take on specific delivery routes and unloading requirements that your clients demand.
  3. We have over 400 items of equipment, so if you want equipment based at your site 24/7, ready to load, that’s no problem.
  4. If you need additional shipments, more truck space or extra equipment, just call us. We’re your Partner, and we’ve got your back.

Cross-border shipments and one-off loads

If you have an emergency load to be taken across the city, the country, or into Canada, our team at sister company McClays Logistics USA will be happy to help. See their section of this website for more details!

Freight is our business

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One call does it all

Whether you’re shipping winter coats to Chicago or construction kit to Kalamazoo, McClays Transportation USA can deliver on time, every time. Call us with your requirements  586-842-3670