The recent study by the American Transportation Research Institute into the $14.7 billion in U.S. toll revenue, shows the significant increase in toll charges income over the past 10 years.

Revenue increased by a staggering 72.5% over the decade. “For comparison, the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for the same time period was 16.9%,” ATRI said.

Per mile costs

The study revealed that per mile costs of tolls far outstripped those for federal and state taxes:

  • Toll costs for commercial vehicles – 45 cents per mile
  • Federal & State transportation-related taxes – 14.6 cents per mile

ATRI’s research found that nearly 50 percent of the toll revenue was diverted to uses other uses than the direct costs associated with providing and operating toll facilities. “Thus it could be surmised that the trucking industry is overpaying for toll services by at least $2 billion every year at the selected locations,” the study said.

“trucking is often a target revenue source for those states that need money to close funding gaps. This is often an easy political decision since truck tolls are charged to businesses, not individuals or voters. Likewise, trucks often have no choice but to pay a toll due to lack of alternative routes.” the study stated.

YRC Worldwide Chief Executive Officer, Darren Hawkins commented:

“It is clear from this research that highway funding mechanisms that return our tax investments to highways are far superior to tolling. We need greater oversight and transparency to ensure that the billions of dollars paid by our industry goes back into the roads and bridges that generate the revenue.”

Well said Mr Hawkins

To see the full report follow this link.